"And so when you're out in nature, and you see no evidence of humanity, that's reflecting a deep level of life and being within you, your roots...it's waking that up, and connecting you with that, which is even deeper than yourself, your breathing and even your life, it triggers this awareness in us and the deeper we go in our structure, the more peaceful it gets, and once you find that connection, you carry that insight and peace of mind inside you at all times."

- Manish Singh, founder of Changing MindSpace


"A year after corneal transplant... I have a second chance at seeing what life is really all about..."


"My creative energy goes into my cooking and my garden... We are creating a garden around us, a sanctuary for art, meditation, knowledge..."


"Nature is my peaceful time with my boy... I realised I'm not thinking about all my business problems..."

Miguel Angel

"This photoshoot in nature is better than therapy :) ..."

"Every problem in my life I was denying looking at, by choosing to take drugs" - Mathew

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